Gift Ideas for Someone in the Hospital

Flowers seem to be the most popular gifts for patients in the hospital. Blossoms brighten and lighten the room with their colours and smells. But they inevitably wither away. If you want something more lasting - or just more interactive - here are some great suggestions for hospital gift ideas!

Something to Do

Hospitals are often noisy and there can be many interruptions when hospital staff come and go to check machines, give medications, take blood, and so on. So something light that doesn’t require much concentration might be best. Buy new or bring things you’ve already spent some time enjoying.

gift ideas for hospital patients

Something to Read

It can be hard to concentrate during a hospital stay. Along with noise and interruptions, a patient might feel anxious about their hospital stay. So, you might want to consider lighter reading options when you select gifts for patients.

  • Magazines are visually appealing and easy to pick up and flip through in short spurts.
  • Books with shorter pieces might provide stories that are just the right length to read between naps or meals.When paired with humour, stories might even help with healing!

Something to Listen To

Depending on the reason for the hospital stay, a patient might not be physically able to hold a book or might tire easily from the exertion. So consider these options as gifts for patients.

gift ideas for surgery patients
  • A set of headphones or earbuds might be the best gift to bring to the hospital.
  • Audio books are available on many platforms and are easy to access. They offer a great option for enjoying literature while still resting. Audio books are available for purchase through Audible, Apple, and Google Play and also free through the library and volunteer readers.
  • Podcasts provide a great diversion on a wide range of topics to suit any patient. Many are free, but a subscription to a popular podcast channel would make a terrific gift.
  • Your friend or loved one in the hospital might benefit the most from listening to meditations. There are many meditation apps to choose from; some cost money but others are free.
  • Music can be relaxing or distracting; it can help the patient fall asleep or escape for a while any time of day.

Something for Peace and Quiet

gifts for someone in hospital

Bring individual gifts or put together a basket of gifts for hospital patients around the theme of rest and relaxation.

  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask
  • Headband with earphones, a neck pillow
  • A flameless candle
  • A favorite blanket

Something for Comfort

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to hospital clothes, bedding and hygiene items are uncomfortable and impersonal. The comforts of home go a long way toward making a hospital stay a little more tolerable.

  • Soft tissues, a stuffie
  • Socks, a wrap or soft robe
  • Body lotion, lip balm
  • Snacks, meals or goodies from outside the hospital (if allowed by the hospital and the patient’s diet).
  • A personalized card with a handwritten message to warm and cheer the patient’s heart and soul. See Greet ‘n Grow for a selection of special cards that can be planted after the hospital stay.

These thoughtful ideas for someone in the hospital won’t end up in the trash or recycling bin. Bring comfort to a friend, coworker, or loved one in the hospital and help them pass the time with these personalized ideas.

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