What seeds are in the wildflower blend?

The wildflower blend contains a mixture of bird's eye, black eyed Susan, catchfly, clarkia, snapdragon, and sweet alyssum seeds.

Can I grow the seeds anywhere?

All of our cards are approved to grow in Canada. If you are planting indoors, they can be grown anywhere at anytime. If you are planting outside, be sure to check our guide for ideal planting times - you will usually need to wait until after the last frost in spring.

*Please note that only our wildflower seeds are approved for planting in the United States. All of our other cards are only approved for Canada. Greet n' grow accepts no responsibility for cards shipped internationally by our customers.

Why can you only buy Greet n' Grow cards in Canada?

While we do hope to expand to the US, at the moment only our wildflower cards are approved there. Because our cards contain seeds, they are subject to many different restrictions that a normal card would not be. You may have in your life had to fill out a customs form when travelling where you must declare if you are bringing plant species with you - it follows these same principles! Two of the main restrictions are:

Phytosanitary Regulations: Many countries have strict phytosanitary regulations to prevent the spread of pests, diseases, and invasive species through the importation of plants and plant materials, including seeds. These regulations are in place to protect local agriculture, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

Plant Protection Laws: Different countries have their own plant protection laws and agencies responsible for monitoring and controlling the import and export of plants and plant products. Seeds fall under these regulations as well.

If you would like to order some of our cards without seeds, send us an email at info@greetngrow.ca and we will see what we can arrange for you :)

What if my seeds don't germinate?

While we systematically test our paper to ensure quality, we cannot guarantee that all of our paper will grow in all situations.

Our seeds should have no issues germinating within 2 years of you receiving your card. If you have planted within two years of receiving and followed our guidelines but your seeds still did not germinate, please contact us at info@greetngrow.ca with your order information.

Are greet n' grow cards recyclable?

Unfortunately, due to the seeds being imbedded it is not recommended that you put your card in your local recycling. If for some reason you or your recipient does not wish to plant their card, it can be thrown in the trash or compost. This is the absolute worst outcome for a greet n' grow card but you can still rest easy! The seeds could always germinate and grow in the landfill or simply become bird food :)

Alternatively, consider simply burying it in dirt outside which would take similar effort and the seeds will eventually grow or be picked up by foraging birds!

Do you offer local pickup?

We do not currently offer pickup. However, if you live on the Sunshine Coast and would prefer to pick up your order please do not hesitate to reach out to us at shipping@greetngrow.ca so we can possibly arrange something else.

If you haven't found an answer to your question, please email us your question at info@greetngrow.ca.



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