About Us

At Greet n' Grow, we offer something that few others do - greeting cards with seeds in them. Our mission is to provide this unique product at a price competitive with your standard generic greeting card. Instead of going from the mantle to the garbage, your card can go to from mantle to dirt and be enjoyed for months or years to come!

Our Story:

Like many things in this world, Greet n' Grow was born out of chance due to several factors converging. Having spent my entire life calling various major cities across the world home, I finally settled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

 I always dreamed of having a big garden and becoming at least partially self sufficient with my food supply. Now living immersed in nature, I would see how birds, bees, flowers, food, and humans all interact with each other to provide life for not just our species, but nearly everything on the planet.

Then one day I found myself scanning the rows of greeting cards at the local drug store, something I'm sure we are all familiar with. Amongst all of the glitter, fancy finishings, and intentionally generic messages inside, I would look at the prices and see upwards of $8 for a greeting card. My new garden based brain started thinking about how many seeds I could buy with that much money...

Then, after a quick internet search, I discovered that paper with seeds embedded ALREADY EXISTED. I was floored. How had I never heard of this? I declared then and there that the world must know about this - that there ARE alternatives to the typical greeting card, and that they CAN be affordable. Suddenly, as if a sign from mother nature herself, I found my purpose in life. This is how Greet n' Grow was born.




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