Give Gifts from a Bee Friendly Company

A quick look at some basic facts about bees tells us we can support them by supporting their habitats! Then see the following recommendations for this season’s needs from gifts to food to cards made by companies that contribute to the wellbeing of bees.

Basic Facts About Bees

  • Bees thrive in habitats that include diverse native species of plants, including wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. These provide the nectar and pollen they feed on.  
  • It is especially helpful if the plants are varied enough to blossom over the season from early spring to late fall. 
  • Most bees typically travel up to 3 km for food and visit 50-100 flowers each time they go pollen hunting. 

The more habitat available, the less energy bees need to spend on finding pollen. Double the good done by your holiday dollars this season; put a smile on your friends’ faces with your purchases and support bee-friendly companies that actively promote healthy habitats.

Find A Bee Friendly Company

basic facts about bees
basic facts about bees
plantable cards from a bee friendly company
  • Greet ‘n Grow, or stock up on any style of the variety from punny Christmas cards to your post-party Thank You cards. Either way, you’ll be helping the bees when the wildflower-infused cards are planted in the spring! 

When you’re planning for this year’s holiday gifts and festivities, consider supporting businesses that donate to organizations championing bees and their habitats. Put your dollars to work for our pollinators. 

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