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Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot

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Your wedding wishes for the couple will take center stage with this beautiful seed card. Gift a unique card that will keep giving to the happy couple whether you choose our wildflower, herb, or veggie seeds.
The expression "tying the knot" is thought to have originated from ancient Celtic and Hindu wedding rituals, in which the bride and groom's hands were literally tied together with a cord or ribbon to symbolize their union and commitment to each other. Nowadays, it is a common phrase used as a metaphor for the unbreakable bond that comes with the sacred union.

What's included:

- A2 seed card (approx 4.25" x 5.5")
- Recycled kraft paper envelope
- Blank interior for your own personal note. If you need help getting started with a note, see our quick guide below!
- A truly unique gift as no two cards will ever be the same!

About our cards:

Our plantable cards are made from recycled paper that is embedded with your choice of seeds:
- Wildflower blend that contains a mixture of bird's eye, black eyed Susan, catchfly, clarkia, snapdragon, and sweet alyssum
- Herbs: choose between basil, dill, or parsley seeds
- Vegetables: choose between carrot or lettuce seeds

-All seeds in our cards are non-GMO, non-invasive, and can be planted indoors or outdoors

Shipping materials

To eliminate the use of non-compostable materials, all of our cards are shipped in rigid mailers with no plastic wrapping or adhesives whenever possible

Planting & Care Guide Getting Started with a Personal Note View full details